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P O D I A T R I C  T E R M S

Sprains of the ankle are very common and are often under treated. If a sprain is not braced properly and rested it can lead to chronic ligament damage. There are different degrees of sprains and your doctor should be consulted for proper treatment.
Recurrent sprains can lead to loose ligaments. This can feel like your ankle is always giving out. Treatment includes bracing, physical therapy and or surgical treatment involving reconstruction. 
Thickening of the lining of the ankle joint. This can cause chronic pain in the joint. Treatment includes medications, cortisone shots, and arthroscopic removal. 
Inflammation of the joint. This can include bone spurring and cartilage damage. Treatment can involve surgical debridement of the spurring, injections and bracing. 
Osteochondral Defects of the ankle joint or damage to the articular cartilage. This problem occurs after an injury to the ankle and can be long lasting. Chronic aching and prolonged pain can be a sign of OCD. Treatment includes casting, Physical therapy and in some cases surgical correction with grafting.
Breaks involving the ankle can lead to arthritis if not treated properly. Casting is very important and should be done when the swelling has subsided. Walking boots can be used in some cases and surgical plating may also be needed in displaced fractures. 
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