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At the Foot & Ankle Clinic we take pride in our ability to offer the best care to our diabetic patients. More than 21 million people have diabetes in the US (CDC, 2015). Diabetes can lead to severe foot problems including infection. Poor circulation and loss of sensation can make diabetics more susceptible to infection and ulcers. Regular care and appointments at our office can help prevent further problems or limb loss. For more information about diabetic footcare, visit the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases.


Properly fitting shoes can save your feet. We measure and fit you for the right shoe here in our office. Medicare can cover diabetic shoes if needed to prevent future problems. Additionally, accomidative custom inserts can help prevent problems and support your feet. We provide full service shoe ordering and dispensory of diabetic shoes in our office. Let us help you stay on your feet. 
Get ready for summer!
Sandals and Slippers are now available!
These may not be covered by Medicare.

P O D I A T R I C  T E R M S

Loss of sensation in the foot. Must be monitored and prescribed medication.
Sore or open area on your foot or leg. Needs immediate care.
Pressure area that can become an ulcer
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